Wind Farm — Suvorovo

Wind Farm Suvorovo is a project for an industry-scale wind farm developed by Eolica Bulgaria EAD. It is located on the territory of the Suvorovo municipality, 20 кm from the city of Varna.

The project includes the following infrastructure:

  • 30 wind turbines Gamesa G90/2 MW with a tower height of 80 m
  • 20 kV underground electrical grid
  • WF Suvorovo 110/20 kV electricity substation
  • 110 kV line from WF Suvorovo substation to the NEC-owned Vulchidol substation, together with connection facilities at the Vulchidol substation
  • road access (includes reconstruction of local road from Suvorovo and dirt tracks in the region of the project for the passage of construction mechanisms)
  • special depot for waste warehousing defined by the municipality.

The project has been certifies as a investment class A by Invest Bulgaria Agency. Wind farm Suvorovo project will provide energy to approximately 7 000 homes or a town of 30 000 inhabitants. It will also save from burning 266 000 tons of black coal and avoid polluting emission of approximately 56 000 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The development and realization of the Project was based on Spanish main shareholder Enhol international know-how and the main directions of the Spanish general procedures for the development of wind power parks, as well as the standards for ecology, protection of the environment and public information.

With the goal of giving the society access to information regarding wind power and the construction of the Suvorovo wind farm during its realization, Eolica Bulgaria EAD assumed the responsibility of announcing all information connected to the different stages of execution. To optimize communication with the Company, Eolica Bulgaria EAD implemented a special feedback procedure — a Public grievance form published at the company’s website. With its help, all interested sides, especially those who have been affected by the execution of the Project, have the opportunity to place their inquiries. The Company guarantees an answer within the period of three working weeks.